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How Local Restaurants Can Use Technology To Grow Part 2

As a restaurant owner, having your own app & platform is essential to success in today’s digital world. Online platforms allow you to reach customers beyond your physical location, offering customers convenience, engaging them with your brand, and helping you stand out from the competition. Here are some of the key benefits of having your own platform as a restaurant owner.

1. Increase Brand Awareness – With technology, you can increase your visibility and build awareness for your brand among potential customers both locally and internationally. You can use social media posts and targeted advertising campaigns to get the word out about your restaurant and create interest in what you have to offer.

2. Access New Customers – By having an app or website, you can reach customers who may not be within driving distance of your physical location but still want access to delicious meals created by your restaurant. This opens up new markets for marketing campaigns and gives you the potential to expand your customer base far beyond what it was before and to grow your business exponentially.

3. Streamlined Ordering Process – With an app or website, customers can easily order food at any time without having to physically visit the restaurant or wait on hold while they place their order over the phone. This streamlined ordering process means more sales for the business without extra effort required by employees or management staff since orders are placed directly through the app or website and automatically sent directly to the kitchen staff for preparation. Plus, customers have access to menus and special offers so they can make informed decisions about their orders. This convenience will make them more likely to choose your restaurant over others in the area. Additionally, you can use push notifications to remind customers about deals and specials.

4. Improved Customer Service – Your online presence also helps improve customer service because it provides instant feedback from customers with reviews posted on review sites like Yelp or Google My Business as well as direct feedback from customer surveys sent out via email or SMS text messages after a customer has made a purchase on their app/website, which lets businesses know how they’re performing in terms of quality control and customer satisfaction which helps them adjust their methods accordingly.

5. Increased Loyalty Program Revenues – Having a loyalty program tied into an app or website allows restaurants to reward returning customers with discounts, free items, coupons, etc., all while tracking customer activity and preferences better than if they had just used a paper punch card system which is more difficult to track when there are multiple locations involved since each card would need its own tracking system (or if one store accepted cards from another store).

6. Faster Payment Processing – Apps allow restaurants owners to accept payments quickly using credit cards right on their phones instead of waiting for cashiers to collect cash after every sale which speeds up transactions significantly so that lines move faster during peak hours so that more people can be served in less time resulting in higher revenue numbers overall compared with just traditional payment systems such as cash-only transactions that require counting change each time someone makes a purchase which wastes time when lines are long during peak hours at busy stores/restaurants etc.

7. Increased visibility - Customers are more likely to find your restaurant if you have an app or website. You can also promote your app & platform through social media and other online channels.

8. Generate repeat business: With an app or website, customers can easily order food from your restaurant multiple times. This is especially helpful if you offer discounts for repeat orders.

9. Improve efficiency - With an app or website, customers can place orders directly with your restaurant instead of having to go through a third-party delivery service. This means that you will save money on fees and commissions, and orders will be processed more quickly and efficiently.

Creating an app & platform doesn't have to be difficult or expensive, providers such as TableTuck now offer a ready-to-launch white-label platform. Nowadays, restaurant owners can tap into numerous benefits such as increased brand awareness, access to new markets of potential customers, streamlined ordering process for improved customer service experiences, increased loyalty program revenues, and faster payment processing times, etc., All these features help drive sales while giving restaurant owners more control over how they market themselves as well as track performance metrics so they can continue providing top-notch service.

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